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Budapest Living Lab Partners with Színes Erzsébetváros NGO for Facebook Campaign on Urban Heat

In August 2023, Budapest Living Lab teamed up with Színes Erzsébetváros NGO to launch a Facebook campaign aimed at educating the community about the challenges of urban heat and offering potential solutions. This partnership brought together expertise and outreach, targeting an issue that increasingly affects residents in Budapest, especially during the hot summer months.

Videos in Hungarian and English

The campaign featured a 3 videos that were originally published in Hungarian on Facebook to ensure maximum local engagement. Recognizing the global relevance of this issue, the videos are also available in English.

Raising Awareness and Providing Solutions

These videos were not merely informative but also action-oriented. They presented practical tips on how to prepare for and deal with the urban heat phenomenon. The campaign aimed to make the science behind urban heat more accessible to the average person and demonstrated ways to mitigate its effects both at the individual and community levels.

Positive Reception and Ongoing Efforts

The campaign received a warm reception, with viewers sharing their own experiences and suggestions. This interaction not only enriches our understanding of how urban heat affects our community but also informs future initiatives.

👉 Watch the videos in English here

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