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We use technological solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) are available for broader communal use.  ​We organize hands-on learning activities in order to support citizens and researchers to observe their environment and the impacts of climate change around them and to gather and analyse data to start community action, cooperation and influence local policy decisions. ​We provide web platforms and apps for communities to start citizen science and observation.



Cityzcan is a sensor kit that enables citizens to capture data to better understand their living environment and have informed discussions about thermal comfort, heat island and air quality to take action that delivers real results. ...


DIY Science Lab is a living lab that provides well-defined collaboration, co-design process of research and increased visibility for individual participants.


Carpathian Citizen Science

Citizen Science is inspired by technology. Citizen science can tackle conservation challenges by building scientific knowledge and by encouraging public action.... 

Danube MyNatura2000 

Running of a "Pilot study on protected areas in the Danube region with a smartphone application developed by the JRC”

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