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What we do

IDEAS Science is a technology development and consultancy team that provides services to the non-profit sector, government and international research collaborations focusing on using digital technologies and advancements for social goods.


We specialize in providing high-quality technological solutions and consulting services for environmental and security problems. We work on advancing methods of data collection and analysis as well as using technologies that can make a difference to society in the environment and security sector. 


Our values

"social responsibilities"

We work to make research and innovation processes more responsive to societal needs. 


We are committed to participatory research especially citizen science. 


We are committed to scientific research and discovery.

"open innovation"

Our aim is democratize science by putting open sourced sensing and mapping technology in the hands of rural farmers and urban communities. 

"technology for us"​

We believe that technological advancements can only be useful for the society and result in social change, if they end up being widely used by a broad range of communities, citizens and small scale enterprises. Therefore, IDEAS collaborates and develops technological solutions together with open source communities.



Tel. +36-30-5139455


Budapest, Hungary



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